What a fun party today! You did such a great job! Emily (and all the girls) loved it so much! It was everything we could have hoped it to be and more!
— Birthday Party - Mom
Thanks for such a great party! The girls LOVE the jewelry! You were such a great help! The party was a huge success!!
— Birthday Party - Mom
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for having your class at our school. You do such a fantastic job and the parents were more than impressed! I hope you will consider us again in the Fall and please let me know if you ever need a reference for any of the other schools!
— PTA Mom
Hope this note finds you well. My daughter really enjoys her After School Adventure with you! The crafts are so creative! Thanks so much!
— Student’s mom
My older troop had such a great time with you last year and I wanted to see if you could do a craft with my other troop.
— Burr Elementary School Girl Scout Leader
Thank you so much for the doggie pillow workshop. It was hard work, but I love that they all learned to stitch. You broke it down perfectly by age group. It worked out and they love their pillows so much!
— Jennings School Mom
Thanks so much! She is so proud of the stuff she makes. She brings them when we visit her grandparents!
— Student’s mom
Our PTA president sang your praises at our last meeting and I also chimed in about how great you are. He loved that you allowed his daughter (who LOVES) Painted Bird to help and do crafts.
— Student's Mom
Thanks so much for your help! The craft you helped design for my son’s classroom went much smoother than I could have made it. I gave you and your class the credit at the beginning when I was explaining it and when I was done, I told the class that if they like these types of crafts they should sign up for your class in the next session. Most of the girls already take your class and it was cute to hear – “I love The Painted Bird!” from all the kids.
— PTA After School Coordinator
Thank you! You are great..the craft was prefect...and hope do you don’t mind I am telling other troop moms about you and they are loving the idea.
— Dwight Elementary School Brownie Leader