Springtime Bird House Crafts for Kids

Do It Yourself Bird Feeder Craft

These birdhouse / bird feeders were a big hit in our after school programs. We made over 60 bird feeders altogether. I had one hanging up in my kitchen and got more than a few compliments from my friends. They wanted one as well and/or wanted to know how to make them. Here are the instructions and some links to purchase supplies to make at home. 

Small unfinished wood bird house
Bouquet of daisy and mini flowers
Mini bird
Small wooden shadow box
5 small eyehooks
Twine or craft string
Yellow paint


1. Paint your birdhouse and let it dry completely.
2. Screw eye hooks to each side of the shadow box and also on the bottom of your birdhouse.
3. Cut apart leaves and take all the flowers off your flower bunch.
4. Add leaves to the top of your birdhouse. I used small pieces of double-sided foam tape. This worked well for the kids, but you can use a hot glue gun as well.
5. Add other details including: large daisy flower and mini bird perched on the side of the shadow box
6. Tie a piece of twine to each eye hook and knot on top. Use a piece of wire to attach to the eye hook on the bottom of your bird house.