Make Your Own Spooky Halloween Graveyard Terrarium

These terrariums are made to look like a mini spooky graveyard that is tucked into medium size canning jar.  

We will be making these in our Painted Bird after school workshops this week and next. The kids are going to love making these. The best part is that at night you can light them up to look even spookier!

See our step-by-step slideshow link above with easy visual instructions on how to make one at home using items you may already have laying around.  

a medium size jar
a piece of cardboard cut into a disc (Poke a few small holes into it to keep your tree steady.)
modeling clay to make a mini pumpkin and gravestone (Make these ahead of time and give them time to dry before painting and decorating.)
black floral decorations (We found mine at Michael's Store and cut into small pieces to resemble spooky trees.)
small skull (We bought a skull necklace at Michael's and used the pieces.)
burlap ribbon and a circle piece of burlap to cover the top of your jar
small craft painting brush
tacky glue
double sided foam tape
small piece of velcro
flameless tea light (We bought ours at The Christmas Tree Shops.)

You will need to glue the two pieces of the mason jar lid together so that when you velcro your flameless candle to it, it doesn't fall apart. 

You can substitute small pieces of raffia for the moss. Graves can be made with cardboard and painted and pumpkins can be bought at a craft store in the miniature section.